The best and the worst tax rules in the world

The best and the worst tax rules in the world

Taxes, taxes, taxes – one of the two things that certainly – had, have and will happen.

For every business, existed a number of factors that determine what it will be – successful or unsuccessful. One of the most important factors are the costs. Compared to the profits, the costs determine the main reason for undertaking business ventures, namely: PROFIT

Except costs, every business needs a good communication and security headquarters in the selected country.

Bulgaria is a country which has all the listed factors for a successful business, namely:

  1. Bulgariais member of theEuropeanUnion, which suggests safe handling and stabilityin relationships andin the banking system.
  2. The location ofBulgariais crucialas it isequidistantto thedeveloped countriesofWestern Europeand thedeveloping countriesofAsia
  3. The third and mostimportantpriority is the fact that the small European country has one of the best taxation in the world.

The tax rules in Bulgaria are a “precedent” in European union and developed countries. Recently, The Wall Street Journal published an article about taxes in different countries, which is a clear sign of enterprising people and seeking high profit companies.

Here’s what The Wall Street Journal say:

Author: Ivan Terziev

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